Personal Trainer Marbella and Estepona

Testimonials & References


15.06.2012 Mr R. Cunniah BSc, PGCE, BPS, (Deputy Headteacher) [+ INFO]


05.02.2010 Avie Cummings, Project Manager, Fresh Youth academy [+ INFO]



Mr A Gregoriou, Accountant Cyprus [read more]

Mr P Sethia, Member N Sethia Group London [read more]

Mrs Mary Flanagan Dublin, Eire [read more]

M. Osman, Fitness First London [read more]

Mrs Yvonne Van Der Heul, Artist London [read more]

Reshma Shah, Teacher London [read more]

Jayant Patel, Biochemist London [read more]

Seb Barre, General Manager, The Laboratory Spa London [read more]

Mr. K Nain, Domestic Staff India [read more]

Dña. Beatriz Álvarez Gómez, DUE Enfermera, Clínica Xanit Benalmádena [read more]

Mr H Mohun, Nurse Mauritius [read more]

Mr R Didoo, Construction Tradesman Australia [read more]

Mr G Taylor, Management Consultant London [read more]

Mrs T Sharna, Beauty Consultant London [read more]

Mr V Sannasy, Management Consultant South Africa [read more]

Dña. M. Jose G. Bocenegra, ATS y Recepcionista Médica Marbella [read more]

Dña. Rosa Aranda,Técnico de RX Estepona [read more]

Dña. Pepa G. Burgos, Relaciones Públicas Marbella [read more]

Dña. Aurora Cañas Pedrero, Agente Inmobiliario Marbella [read more]

Dña. María Rincón Álvarez, Directora Policlínica Incosol Medical and Spa Marbella [read more]


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Personal Training is for anyone, whether you`re exercising for the first time or you are an experienced athlete wishing to progress up through your chosen sport, we can help.


Fitness Wisdom aims to assess and rehabilitate injuries by easing pain and allowing the rehabilitation of injuries caused by sport, poor posture, joint and muscular complaints.



Fitness Wisdom provides personalised nutritional advice tailored to your individual requirements.


Fitness Education and Football Coaching too!

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