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Mr V Sannasy, Management Consultant South Africa

Ravi Jeetoo is a highly inspirational fitness and more importantly Life coach. When I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008, Ravi provided me with invaluable lifestyle advice together with a practical approach to reducing my blood sugar levels by taking up a healthier way of life. I am most grateful as I have now been able to keep my diabetes under control and live a normal life...


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Personal Training is for anyone, whether you`re exercising for the first time or you are an experienced athlete wishing to progress up through your chosen sport, we can help.


Fitness Wisdom aims to assess and rehabilitate injuries by easing pain and allowing the rehabilitation of injuries caused by sport, poor posture, joint and muscular complaints.



Fitness Wisdom provides personalised nutritional advice tailored to your individual requirements.


Fitness Education and Football Coaching too!

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